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Dallas Elect Auto Center was started in 1990 when Mark Broberg (owner) decided he wanted to provide the Dallas Metroplex with an independent service center specializing in VOLVOs ONLY.  The goal from the very beginning has been to keep our customers happy with their Volvo and our service. We understand our customers want their car to be safe and reliable, but not cost them a fortune to maintain it in that great condition.   

Mark Broberg, owner and Volvo technician, is of Swedish heritage. He grew up in a family that owned Swedish made autos, which is part of the reason why he decided to specialize in just one of only two Swedish import manufactures. Mark has 43 years in the Volvo automotive repair business. Ten years as a 50% owner at Born Again Cars, Inc located in Dallas and another 33 years as Dallas Elect Auto Center, Volvo Repair Center in Dallas, Texas.

Why the name Dallas Elect Auto Center? When I sold Born Again Cars Inc. to my partner in 1989, which is no longer in business. I started over in January 1990, continuing to service Volvo's. I have a DBA for Dallas Volvo Service. My brother who was an intellectual property attorney advised me of a possible trademark infringement with Dallas Volvo Service. I wanted to stand up for the profession of my faith. Mathew 10:32 and get people to ask about my business name. I could no longer use the name I made servicing Volvo's that started out of my garage in Dallas, Born Again Cars or something similar. (In the late 1980s there was an “I am Born Again“ terminology so I chose Dallas Elect Auto Center, reference Ephesians 1:4-22 I always capitalize the word "Elect", there is no period at the end. It is not an abbreviation for electrical although people have assumed that, so it does give me the opportunity to witness to others about my relationship with Jesus Christ.

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